Fitness Combined with Islamic Fashion

When it comes to combining modest dressing with keeping fit and enjoying quality time in the open space, an average modest lady would want to give it a second thought. Why? There are a number of challenges that tend to stand in their way. Below is a relatable scenario that throws some light on this discourse.

As shared on the New York Times blog in 2009, the touching story of Ms. Julia Shearson reflects some of the travails of a modest woman trying to balance the culture of Islamic dressing with fitness. Being a new convert, the first time she rode her bike in seven years was an unforgiving experience. Dressed loose fitted clothing, her scarf got stuck in the wheels and she tripped. When she got going again, the hurtful eyes of her onlookers didn’t help matters. She felt their sharp gazes as she rode past them, with her scarf billowing in the breeze.

This and many other unshared experiences of Muslim women around the world create a gap in the Islamic fashion and sportwear industry. A critical look at Malaysia’s fashion industry shows that there’s a lot to be done as well. Being a major secular Muslim nation in South East Asia with diversity in ethnic ties, dressing plays an important role in religious identity. The presence of such diversity in religion and ethnicity often spark debate when it comes to sport activities.

In a country where body-covering outfits matter, much is expected of her fashion designers. Many Malaysian Muslim women want to have a sweet taste of beach life and watersports without having to renounce their faith. They want modest swimsuits that offer extreme comfort both in and outside water. So, there’s need to tailor swimsuits that perfectly serve the purpose of fashion and religion.

Matsalleh Design is here to the rescue. The launch of Matsalleh Design marks the dawn of a new era in Malaysia’s fashion industry. This is because there are just a few brands that create extraordinary swimwear with emphasis on elegance and modesty. Specially designed for the modest ladies and all lovers of modest swimwear, Matsalleh’s collections are truly unique.