The Beginning of Matsalleh Design Modest Swimsuit Line

We would like to invite you to experience something different, unique and fashionable. Presenting Matsalleh Design, the new revolutionary line of modest swimwear that is going to bring you a whole new swimwear experience!

Inspired by the tropical nature, Matsalleh Design is looking to revolutionise the design of modest swimwear by introducing a distinctive swimwear line that is different from the usual plain and dark design! Matsalleh Design is aiming to be the number 1 designer modest swimwear brand that has brought together sports, fashion and modesty!

Established in 2018, Matsalleh Design was indeed founded by a “Matsalleh” (A Malay slang refers to a white Caucasian), the Malaysia-based brand’s founder, Dolle, is originally from Lithuania, a country located in northern-eastern Europe.

Dolle fell in love with South East Asia when she first came here eight years ago for her modelling career. Having an eight-year experience in modelling, she is equipped with a great sense of style and a fine sensibility towards the everchanging fashion trends. She was unimpressed when she saw the design of modest swimwears available in the market and even though she did not have a background in designing, she thought that she could do better.  Therefore, when she heard her friends complaining that they could not find a satisfactory modest swimwear, and some of them even had to travel all the way to London just to find the right swimwear, she was concerned and wanted to help. The complaints about the lack of choices in the modest swimwear market and her intentions to help modest ladies find the suitable swimwear have prompted Dolle to begin her first ever business venture in Malaysia.

Seeing a huge niche in the modest swimwear market, Dolle realised that she had found her calling and was determined to make a change in the traditional modest swimwear design. She decided to launch a line of innovative modest swimwear that uses bold, vibrant colours and inspiring tropical theme to offer modest women more choices in swimwear market, so that they are able to find the aesthetic swimwear that can satisfy their needs to look trendy and fashionable while maintain a comfortable wearability in a modest swimwear.

Inspired by her mother who is also a talented designer, Dolle’s approach has always been to improve the design of modest swimwear as well as create a fashion-forward and decent modest swimwear at an affordable price. Being the only founder and investor in this business, Dolle is very careful and meticulous in the making of the modest swimwear. She spent over a year in doing her research for modest swimwear, and when it comes to selecting the swimwear materials, she chose to use high quality polyester.

Made from the highest quality material and using advanced technology in the making, Matsalleh Design’s exclusively designated swimwear line is non-transparent, breathable, UV-resistant, double-layered, it is not going to leave you disappointed! Matsalleh Design is also very comfortable, wearable and most importantly, trendy! We’re sure that you’ll quickly fall in love with the nature-inspired white and pastel tropical design. Priced at RM229, Matsalleh Design is also super affordable!