The Struggle of Swimming Modestly

Malaysia is a tropical country that is so fabulous and unique that, here, the sun shines all year round. Living in Malaysia means we get to enjoy rays of sunshine and soothing warmth, not forgetting the beautiful islands and beaches, basically the summer all year long. However, it is never easy to find the right pair of swimwear to wear to the beach, especially when you’re spoilt with swimsuit and bikini choices in the market, it’s hard to pick and choose from the very wide variety of selections.

Believe it or not, it is even harder for modest ladies to find the suitable swimwear so that they can look stunning and fashionable while having fun in the sun. Unlike conventional swimwear, the modest swimwear choices in the market are limited and they are usually in dark colors, but do you want to be wearing the same swimsuit as everyone else? Didn’t think so. Instead, keep your beach game strong and up your style with our revolutionary modest swimwear! Whether you want to experience the beach life and plunge into the ocean or chill poolside, we’ve got some flattering options for you.

Matsalleh Design modernizes the design of modest swimwear by introducing the swimwear line, aesthetic and practical at the same time, it is made from the highest quality material that is non-transparent, breathable and UV resistant! With the high opacity of the material, you don’t have to worry about exposing your skin when you’re above or in the water, even though Matsalleh Design is in white and bright pastel colors. Besides that, Matsalleh Design is UV resistant, making it an ideal choice for swimming in the sea or just chilling poolside, without having to worry about getting sun-burnt!

Even with the high UV protection and non-transparency, the breathability and comfortability of the swimwear is not compromised! Matsalleh Design is highly breathable and double-layered to give you the exceptionally comfortable swimwear experience and long wearability. In addition, light colors are also proven to be more effective in keeping you cool in the sun as dark colors are known to absorb more light which then turns into heat. The white & pastel colors of Matsalleh Design can reflect the sun-rays back leaving you cool all day long! You no longer have to worry about feeling heaty while basking in the sun by the pool or the ocean!

Matsalleh Design doesn’t only meet the needs of both modesty and physical activity, the fashion-forward tropical design and vivid colors can also fulfill women’s desire to look sophisticated and chic in the swimwear. Unlike the common Muslimah swimwear selections in the market which are normally in dark colors, Matsalleh Design is in the vibrant colors of white, green and pink, adding a burst of summer and hints of green with tropical floral prints as inspired by the tropical climate in Malaysia. Feel fresh and stand out on the beach in our striking Matsalleh Design swimwear, you can never go out of style with the timeless, classic floral prints that also give you a touch of femininity.