About us

Founded in 2018 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Matsalleh Design was created to inspire women all around the world to dress their best while enjoying their precious vacations & staycations. Our mission is to create the most comfortable, durable & amazing looking modest swimsuits that a modest women can wear.

All our swimsuits are heavily inspired by the need to balance modesty with fun and fashion so you can feel very comfortable in and outside the water. Being a brand that's obsessed with creating fashion-forward collections that will never go out of style, there's more to adore about our unique modest swimsuits.

Every piece is made from high-quality spandex and polyester fabric that allows for UV resistance, breathability and lasting comfort - making it a perfect choice for swimming, surfing or any water sport you can imagine. Let the world know that you take pride in your appearance.

The name ‘Matsalleh’ simply came from the founder behind the brand who hails from Lithuania. So, simply put, the matsalleh behind this brand is the beauty and brains behind the brand.  She’s been in the modelling industry for awhile now and has always had a passion in the fashion industry. “I learned a lot from being a model to working a 9-5 job and that helped me start something of my own. I was curious as to when I went on holidays I noticed that some ladies went swimming in their t-shirts and tights and I actually went up to them to ask,” shared Dolle. Because of that, it inspired her to design trendy and modest swimwear. And hence, the birth of Matsalleh Design.